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  • No luck involved. Solve it using logic and reasoning skills
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Battleship Minesweeper

Battleship minesweeper : Game Start Image Battleship minesweeper : A Puzzle loaded

Minesweeper battleship is a logic game, where you have to find the hidden fleet using clues based on minesweeper logic. Each clue number tells you how many ship squares are around that clue. The classic battleship rules also apply, i.e, the ships cannot be closer to each other, not even diagonally.

The number of ships around a square (just like how it was in classic minesweeper) is given as a clue to help you logically find the battleships. There is no luck or guesswork involved, and use your logic and reasoning skills to solve the puzzles.

This game is already popular with puzzle magazinesand are known as zeeslag, bimaru, armada, Yubotu, Games magazine puzzle, solitaire battleship and fathom itand like such various names.

Two sizes and five levels of difficulty

Around 3000 puzzles to play. (Around 120 puzzles are free. You have to buy premium for playing all puzzles).

We can proudly say that this game is the only battleship game that offers a logical hint instead of some plain hint without any explanation. This solver will help you sharpen your logical reasoning skills and help you understand and apply the logic well. The logical solver explains you how to solve the puzzle when you are struck without any idea. The solver analyses the current situation and explains you logically how you can go ahead with logic and shows it graphically.

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Battleship minesweeper Battleship Minesweeper
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