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Quote Puzzle

Quote Puzzle  : Sample game Battleship minesweeper : A Puzzle loaded Battleship minesweeper : A Puzzle loaded Battleship minesweeper : A Puzzle loaded

Quote Puzzle is a word game where a saying or proverb is vertically shuffled. You need to put the letters in correct order to reveal the hidden quotation.

This will test your skills in figuring out the combination of words possible with the letters shuffled horizontally, and sometimes, you may have to find the correct order of words in the quote as well.

This puzzle is more satisfying than a crossword, because it is a lot easier and consumes less time to play a puzzle, and in the end you get a nice adage or saying, or a good laughable funny quote, (compared to a plain list of words you find in crossword) which is all the more entertaining.

Around 1300 puzzles to play. All games are free and there is a small delay screen in the free version.

Quote Fall - Quotatoon Puzzle on Google Play  

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